Friday, May 2, 2008

Dong Recharges Electric Cars

What do a Danish energy company (Dong Energy), a Silicon Valley startup (Project Better Place), and an Israeli-American entrepreneur (Shai Aggasi) have in common? They all believe that electric cars might be the best answer for our transportation future. Using Dong Energy's wind stations, the electric car network will start up with a mass deployment in Denmark, with about 20,000 wind-powered recharging stations. Denmark is the second country to embrace a massive electric car project—Israel was the first, announcing in January that it will have an electric car network powered by renewable energy.

While the $42 million project is geared up for a start date in 2011, the technology still has some infrastructure challenges to sort out. AlwaysOn sat down to talk with Rudolph Blum, General Manager of Dong Energy, and learned how his company plans to set up a complete infrastructure to charge the electric car batteries. Just one of the many problems to work out is negotiating with the government on car taxation. Listen to what he says and get ready to clear out the clutter in your garage....


Johan Anderberg said...

This was really interesting!

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really amazing news.

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