Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lessons to learn for U.S. Manufacturing

Do not blaim the Chinese. Do your homework instead, and get manufacturing going.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Electric biking

There are about 120 million electric bikes in China, and they are coming also to Europe and to the United States. One friend of mine in Finland lately added an electric motor into his bicycle. It is great he said. American company Pietzo is offering electric bikes for Americans. Let's see if it can electrify American biking.

Quantum lighting!

Quantum dots are tiny crystals of semiconductor material that emit light when excited by light or electricity. If you apply thin films containing the quantum dots to the external faces of conventional LEDs, you can change the color of light. Thus you can converts the harsh LED light into warmer and more pleasing, without sacrificing the high energy efficiency typical of LEDs.
Quantum dots are coming! They are already on the market.

Flying car

In Woburn Massachusetts you can see to the future. An enterprise called Terrafugia has developed a flying car. You can already order one, if you want to and if you have money enough. The price is about $200 000.

Automated CAD/CAM enables personalized homes

With this method, even people with limtited resources can afford a house the way they want it. Read the amazing story about some MIT-students that work hard to make this possible!

Mobile Apps for the developing countries

At MIT NextLab Jhonatan Rotberg and students develop mobile apps for the next billion users, mainly to be found in the developing world. These apps fight illiteracy in Indian villages, facilitate local health reporting in Mexico and so forth. This is aid I like, traditional aid does little for the very poor. But with a mobile phone, poor people can get ahead. For people in the Third World, a smart phone is the perfect tool for creating local business and progress in a society.

The Pharma Industry needs to rethink about emerging markets

Emerging markets is a challenge for the traditional pharma industry. In order to succed, business models need to change.