Saturday, August 9, 2008

Broadband Innovations, Part 4: The Doctor Isn't In but Can Still See You

How telehealth is changing the way America gets well.

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Broadband Innovations, Part 3: The Film Editor's Dream

A 10-gbps fiber-optics connection enables a Swedish film editor to do his job in real time from his dream home in a beautiful rural village.

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Broadband Innovations, Part 2: Fiber optics Reaches the Tipi

In Part 2 of our four-part Broadband Innovations series, see how the Ktunaxa Nation of Canada uses fast broadband to save its indigenous language and culture from extinction.

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Broadband Innovations, Part 1: The 21st Century Athlete

Broadband is helping to redefine the modern athlete. Meet gamer Patrick O'Day, who hopes to compete in the worldwide Digital Games in China this fall.

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Don't Miss This - PCW's Exclusive Four-Part Series: Broadband Innovations

When electricity was first discovered, no one foresaw that it would be used to power artificial hearts, electric guitars, disco balls or computers.
Now the same thing is happening with the Internet.
Read this blog post about innovative broadband uses here.

Philips' Outperforming Blu-ray Player

Review of DVD player for PC World.

Classy Disc Printer: Dymo's DiscPainter

Review of Disc Printer for PC World.

Polaroids for the Digital Age

Review of wireless printer for PC World.

Navigon 2100 Max Road Test

A review of the Navigon 2100 GPS for PC World.