Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Innovation Policy SF Chronicle Techblog (San Francisco Chronicle)

My editor Al Saracevic told me on my first day at the Chronicle that he had "something that is right up your alley." Forrester Research had just published a survey where they listed the top countries for innovations (the US, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, etc). He asked me to do an article, which I did.
When I got hold of the whole survey it was dated early December last year and I wasn't sure if it was really news worthy. A couple of phone calls later, it turned out that the report was indeed written in December, but Forrester hadn't gone public with it until now.
When the article was ready, Al wanted it to be less article-like and more blog-like, so I (and, well, he too, I have to admit) worked with the text so that the tone would be more catchy and better fit in with the rest of the pieces in the Chronicles Techblog (which also runs in the paper).
So what initially should have been an article turned out to be a blog and then transformed into an article in the paper the next day: I blog, therefore I am.
Ralph Hermansson

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