Thursday, March 8, 2007

Toy Story (IEEE Spectrum)

Killar med Cola och MentosFirst day at work, at the technology magazine IEEE Spectrum. What would happen? Was I supposed to make a revealing reportage about security of wireless networks, or make a scoop about a new bug in Windows Vista? Wrong! Together with the magazine’s web editor, I entered into the world of toys, and the Toy Fair at Javits Convention Center in New York. The web editor wanted me to write a short story, from a personal perspective.

I tried to find some breaking news from the toy industry, but didn’t really find any. From an InJo perspective, it would maybe have been a good idea to talk to the end user – the kids. But since I didn’t find any at the exhibition, I just mentioned about that idea in the article. Therefore, I don’t consider the article to be a “real” InJo article.

Two days after the visit, my edited article was posted at the IEEE web site. A few days later, the story was picked up by Slashdot, which gave the Spectrum website another couple of thousand hits – enough to make my article the third most popular one on the website since the beginning of the year. That was fun :-)

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