Thursday, March 8, 2007

Green Cheese Ethanol Startup (Red Herring)

Jennifer Kho, Red Herrings energy specialist, yelled at me: “Can you take this call, there's Earthanols CEO on the phone. Ask him about the fund raising.”

I had never heard Earthanols name before and after three extremely stupid questions I told the CEO I’d call him back later. I found some background information about the company with the kind help of Google and could make a short interview.

The story is about a start-up company which is planning to produce ethanol from cheese industry waste. It’s not totally new technology, for example there’s a company in Finland developing that kind of technology. But an important angle is that instead of food they use waste to produce ethanol. It is well known that if we want to drive cars with only ethanol, we have to stop eating.

Injo? Well, there is a future aspect in the story and a researchers opinion if Earthanols work is significant to ethanol industry. Had there been more time, I would have made a deeper analysis.§or=Industries&subsector=Energy

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