Monday, April 23, 2007

Catching the buzz at PodTech

My first days as InJo-fellow at Podtech have been buzy and fun. One project I work on we call the assimilator or blogg-buzzer. In it, I try to make a quick summary/analyze of the discussion among influential bloggers/reporters/writers on the important story of the day (in the areas of tech, business or media) - with lots of cross-linking. To a large extent my writing is based on, which I find a good tool for information. The pieces I write are posted on my boss John Furriers PodTech-blog, with a dubbel byline. Here´s one on green media, another on Googe and Swedish Marratech, one on the vlogging-aspect of the massacre at Virginia Tech and one on My Spaces new news property. There are some more posts at the blog.
This is not very thorough reporting, but fast assimilation, published with no editorial filters. Therefore there´s not much time dealing with the innovation eco-system. But in a way I think it is innovationjournalism because it's about ideas or products reaching the market, technology and - in some cases - the policy surrounding it. In a way it's about the future. Also - blogging is a rather new and innovative format for journalism (if this type of blogging should be called journalism). I´m still not clear if PodTech does journalism or information or both - but it´s an interesting place to be at.
Tina Magnergård Bjers

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David Nordfors said...

Great stuff. Things can happen fast in innovation eco-systems, like in traditional politics or other ecosystems, so I think all levels od reporting have a niche. From quick&dirty to thoroughly researched.