Monday, August 13, 2007

Sweden, U.S. and piracy (CNET

For Swedes who read this blog this article will take you back to last year. When former minister of Justice Thomas Bodstrom and state secretary Dan Eliasson were accused of taking orders from the U.S. government and executing them ordering the Swedish police to shut down the site Pirate Bay. It caught a lot of media attention as well as the Swedish Pirate Party. Their leader was here trying to raise money for their next election campaign. We, me and a co-worker, interviewed him and I also talked to others in Sweden.

The innovation process of music and movie distribution is an ongoing issue widely discussed. This story raised a fair amount of attention among the readers, read it here!

I was also on's daily podcast and talked about the story, listen to it here (it's in the end)!

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