Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Innovative self-publishing model (CNET

Do you want a tactile proof of something you wrote or took pictures of? It no longer has to be printing your book in multiple copies for a high cost and then piling them up in your garage. New sites as Lulu and Blurb offer self-publishing models that allow you to make one copy prints.

The innovation process within publishing has moved to another path and the book market can be compared to the music industry. It has changed a lot during the past years. More books than ever are being published, and even though more are being sold the titles get published faster but vend in fever quantities and online bookstores has pushed out traditional stores for quite some time.

Blurb recently launched there service in Europe. Read article here. They also announced a partnership with photo-sharing site Flickr. Read article here.


Davide Tarasconi said...

Blurb link is wrong - it points to again. :-P

Miriam Olsson said...

Thanks! It's changed!